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A Touch of Contemporary!


Say hello to our new contemporary furniture package! We are excited that all of our apartments in Coast will be fully furnished with either trendy bar stools or glass dining room tables, beautiful artwork,  and the list goes on. We want to give our clients the full modern-day Chicago downtown experience.

You can’t help but to notice Coast’s beautiful exterior sitting right on the coastal shores of Lake Michigan. Coast is located in the heart of Chicago’s most desirable location with magnificent views of the River, the Lake and the Chicago Skyline. With so many great factors to Coast, we couldn’t help but to introduce to our clients a new contemporary furniture package that will add a touch of chic as they walk into their apartment thinking “This is luxury living”!

What do you consider “contemporary” furniture to add a touch of fashion to your space?

Want to see more of our new contemporary package? Visit our official Facebook page here to scroll through our photo album! http://ow.ly/mUAlc


Our Custom Furniture Package Just Got Updated!


There’s nothing like a space filled with trendy, comfy, and overall stylish furniture! We understand the importance of décor and how simple pieces such as lighting, artwork, desks, chairs, sofas, and all other furniture is needed to complete the look of the overall space. We thought it would be a great idea to create a new furniture package.

So what does this new furniture package entail you might ask? All of our artwork, sofa, lighting, desks, and chairs (to name a few) are all improved and of great quality. Our wooden desk and chair sets have a much thicker quality for the necessary sturdiness. We want our clients to have the luxury of walking into our units, enjoying the ambience of the space, as they are greeted with stylish pieces from our new furniture package to make them feel right at home!

This new package is only available in some apartments at our Superior Place and Grand Plaza properties. We look forward to the expansion of this package in the future, so be on the lookout!

What are some of your favorite pieces of furniture that gives your space’s décor that home sweet home feeling?